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Aki & Archer's Panda Party!

igIMG_1014 We threw Aki & Archer a joint panda party for their 1st and 3rd birthdays since they are only 2 weeks apart. Have a look at the details below! IMG_1026 Aki & Archers uncle was here from Calgary for the party! IMG_0830 Ryan made these amazing panda cupcakes from scratch with buttercream icing. We figured out the faces together using chocolate waffers, chocolate chips for noses and icing 'gel' for the eyeballs. IMG_0833 I loved having everything in little self contained cups/boxes for snacks. So easy and then you don't have to balance a plate around. Chalkboard art by Ryan. IMG_0835 This is my first attempt ever at a layered cake and I have a secret...I used boxed cake and pre-made icing. Next time I'll try it from scratch but I honestly didn't know how much I'd need or if it'd all fall apart. IMG_9902 IMG_0836 I got this panda costume for Halloween and Ryan thought it'd be fun to wear. He admits though in this photo he looks a little weird haha.. IMG_0838 Goodie bags/tins! Tins from the dollar section at Target. Toy pandas, b&w lollipops, kawaii stickers and panda shirts. IMG_0844 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 Our house is pretty small for 20 people (including the kids) but it wasn't too bad since the kids mostly played int he bedroom. IMG_0870 IMG_0872 Baby date <3 IMG_0877 my cuties in the panda baseball shirts and our collab leggings with House of Mia! IMG_0885IMG_0904 IMG_0906 IMG_0908 IMG_0912 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0920 IMG_0933 Learn from me: do not let birthday boy/girl open toys to play with after un-wrapping when the party is still on. It will completely ruin your chances for a group photo with said birthday child. IMG_0949 IMG_0965 IMG_0972 Trampoline came in very handy for burning off those cupcakes. IMG_0977  IMG_1014  IMG_1025IMG_1016 IMG_1027

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