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Big Kid Room

Our older boys have been asking for bunk beds since they could talk pretty much. And with limited space and our 5.5 year old grown out of his toddler bed it was time to make a change. If you've been following us a while, you might remember their original room here.
I'm really happy with how it turned out (and so are they!) so I thought I would share since we found some great small businesses in the process. 
I can't say enough about this bedding by Beddy's. If your kids have bunk beds they are a must. It's zippered bedding you guys! All in one, sheets and comforter all your kids have to do is zip the sides up and it's super neat and tidy like this! It's been game changing. I also love the contrasting pillow sham it came with. I wish we had these with our toddler beds because duvets were always so much work to make. 
The Bunk is by Oeuf from West Coast Kids I have been crushing on it for years. We were really debating between it and an ikea one and we are so happy we went with this. It's so sturdy and well made. And when you think of it as two beds it easily justifies itself price wise.
These swing lamps are perfect for a bunk beds. I imagine many late nights reading (when they learn to read, that is!) by these lamps. 
Prints are limited edition in our shop now. 
Miffy pillow was a lucky find a few years ago on ebay. "A" pillow by Studio NL
This is hands down the most beautiful piece of furniture in my whole house. It was handmade by Logan at ONEFORTYTHREE. It's one of those things that I imagine we will hang on to forever and pass on to our grandkids one day. 
The rug is by Lorena Canals and is washable!! Like, throw it in the washing machine washable! What a dream! I have a second one on order because they have so many great patterns and I love it so much. 
Giant Floorie pillow I put next to the lower bunk incase someone rolls off is by Into the fold. We also sit on this every night at bedtime waiting for them to fall asleep. 
And our Bamboo Cotton kawaii cloud pyjamas in the first photo are the softest jammies you will ever feel. 
Side note since I'm talking about nighttime routine, we love our Dream Catcher spray by K'pure Naturals. 
Now if only we could get everyone staying in their beds all night! 
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